About Us

Lightex Fire Services today is a fast emerging fire safety brand with 50+ years experience that protects millions across the country. The company being a market leader from India, is one of the rarest in the world. Over the past 50 years, Lightex have tested and manufactured hundreds of fire fighting equipment and systems. We at Lightex continuously strive to improve our fire safety equipment and products line, in order to serve our customers in a better way. We constantly try to mitigate the challenges that are usually faced by our valued customers. The company is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of – Fire Extinguishers with the widest variety of extinguishing agents, Special Application Extinguishers, Highly-advanced In-Panel Suppression Systems, Total Flooding Systems, Wet chemical Based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, Hydrant Systems and other highly-specialised fire fighting technologies.

Our Services

What We Do?

Fire Extinguisher Supply

We are the main association which gives Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services in business.

Fire Hydrant System & AMC

Our range of products include car fire extinguisher,and AMC of fire hydrant system.

Fire Suppression System

We provide Fire Suppression system across the country and even to remote location.

Fire Audit

Fire Audit Services executed by our team of professionals who are expertise in respective domains.

fire fighting

Fire Alarm Smoke Detection Sysems

We provide complete Smoke Detectors services from installation,testing, maintenance last 50 years.

fire fighting

Fire Fighting Training

We provide Fire Fighting training across India. This training is provided by our expertise.

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"When you are building a startup, it’s difficult. Particularly, a startup that is expanding at the rate of Tinder. You have to give 100%, and you have to be committed. Solving the problem has to be personal or else you’re going to disintegrate."

Ashhad Khan
Founder & Director